Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"Crossed" by Allie Condie

Crossed by Ally CondieI found this to be a disappointing follow up to "Matched" (which I really liked.) 

There just is not a lot that happens in this book. It is very slow. The main characters Cassia and Ky spend all of there time trying to find each other and then when they finally do find each other it is almost... ho hum. I found the chapters were too short and choppy this time around and though I enjoyed Ally Condie's writing style in Matched - this time I found it too vague and poetic leaving me often times confused and bored. The new characters that are introduced are flat and somewhat lacklustre to the point that we the reader can't get invested in them. Mostly I was just plain disappointed that Xander plays such a small role in this book, as I love his character. I wanted some answers. There were none. Apparently there is some enemy after them and we never see them or meet them, instead we just here bombing. Who is The Enemy? Who is The Rising? Cassia didn't even care about the Rising or the Resistance or whatever they are in the first book. All she wanted to do was find Ky, so she finally finds him and then she leaves him to find The Rising???? What? I literally had to shake my head at that point. Basically this book was a lot of walking around and reflecting on nothing. Yet having said all of this, the truth is I will probably read the third book in hopes that there are some interesting answers, some much needed action and maybe even find out if Xander is a good guy or a bad guy. Please Ally give us a good third book. 
didn't like it it was ok (my current rating) liked it really liked it it was amazing  

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