Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Dancergirl" by Carol M. Tanzman

dancergirl (WiHi series, #1)"Dancergirl" by Carol M. Tanzman is a refreshing twist of dance slash thriller. The first-person narration adds to the suspense of this quick 'who dun nit'.  Ali Ruffino is an accomplished dancer who dreams of attending Julliard one day. Ali's life is thrust into the limelight when she allows her school friend Charlie to film her dancing. When Charlie posts his film online it's rapid popularity earns Ali the nickname "Dancergirl." At first Ali enjoys her newfound fame but quickly she learns there is also a negative side to being so well known. When it looks like a stalker might be watching Ali's every move, the race is on to discover who it is before she gets hurt.

This intriguing and very realistic plot had so much potential unfortunately it fell a little short for me. I found Ali's character a little flat and uninteresting. The only character that I really enjoyed was her best friend Jacy's. I find this sometimes happens when a lot of different characters are introduced rather quickly in order to keep the reader guessing on who the bad guy is.

This was an entertaining read but because of the rather one dimensional characters, it just didn't draw me in as well as it could have.

didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing

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